[syslinux] Getting vmlinux & initrd.gz file

Ronald Kuwawi ron4ld at optushome.com.au
Mon Jul 21 14:47:43 PDT 2003

Hello all,  I'm trying to install Gentoo 1.4 rc2  for the first time
on my laptop - HP Omnibook 5700ctx, P166, 128 MB RAM
which cannot boot from CD-ROM. Apparenty Gentoo doesn't
have a boot disk making utility. It's said that I must use
tomsrbt or a slackware boot disk but I have none of those. 

& someone on Gentoo mailing list pointed out that I should try
syslinux, Ok, downloaded that, done
the steps:
copybs a: a:dos.bss 
syslinux a: 

but when I did this:
copy vmlinux a:
copy initrd.gz a: 

I couldn't find the filename called vmlinux and initrd.gz 
on the unzipped syslinux-2.05.zip downloaded from kernel.org

where can I get them?


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