[syslinux] booting dos with pxelinux

Oliver Schiff oliver.schiff at schlund.de
Fri Nov 14 03:44:01 PST 2003


the simplest way would be to use "memdisk" with 1.44 or 2.88 MB floppy

  KERNEL memdisk
  APPEND initrd=DOS622.img

If you need larger images, you can use bootable disk images. Check the
archive for details.


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> Hello,
> Not sure if and how this works... question is:
> I would like to have a dual-boot scenario where
> pxelinux boots a linux based thinclient per default
> and the possibility to optional boot a ms-dos pxe
> image. The faq says it's possible to boot dos from
> pxelinux but there is no clear how-to (it least I cold
> not find it). Any help is appreciated.
> kind regards,
> Dirk

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