[syslinux] Found it; getting closer. RE: Use DISPLAY codes with PXELINUX?

McMahon, Chris CMcMahon at loronix.com
Mon Nov 17 11:39:39 PST 2003

	Added real control characters to the file, but they were still
ignored-- until I added "IMPLICIT 0" to the config file, and then they were
interpreted properly.  
	Now if I can figure out how to eliminate the "Could not find kernel
image:" message, this'll look really sharp. 

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From: McMahon, Chris 
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Subject: Use DISPLAY codes with PXELINUX? 

Hello again... 
	PXELINUX shows my DISPLAY file nicely, but seems to ignore the
"special codes" noted in the SYSLINUX documentation.  Perhaps I'm using them
	My display file looks like: 
<SI> 5e 

Message message. 
Message message message message. 


	The bracketed values are simply displayed as text, not interpreted
in any way.   
	Any suggestions to get the special codes interpreted by PXELINUX
would be helpful.  

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