[syslinux] loading/starting memtest with pxelinux-2.06 fails

Gernot Hillier gernot.hillier at siemens.com
Tue Nov 18 01:02:44 PST 2003


I try to start memtest86 with pxelinux.

I used to do this with pxelinux 1.66 for some time and it worked very well 
with just

-------- SNIP --------------
label something
	kernel memtest86.bin
-------- SNAP --------------

Now I upgraded to pxelinux 2.06 and there, it fails.

I can choose the entry, then the file is downloaded (at least one "." shows 
up) and started but does completely weird things. Instead of bringing up the 
test screen and starting to test memory, something (I assume memtest, but I'm 
certainly not sure) prints "8000" repeatedly and tries to read from the 

Perhaps, the image is started from the wrong offset?

To avoid any misunderstandings: it's definitely the same memtest86.bin image I 
use for both pxelinux versions - I just exchange pxelinux.0. I can reproduce 
the behaviour 

(Un)Fortunately, pxelinux 2.06 speeded up the TFTP download for a Gigabit line 
by nearly the factor 2. Therefore I really would love to use it... 

Any ideas what could cause the problem?



Gernot Hillier
Siemens AG, Mch P

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