More info about split-second message. RE: [syslinux] run FreeBSD "pxeboot" from pxelinux.0?

H. Peter Anvin hpa at
Tue Nov 18 15:11:23 PST 2003

McMahon, Chris wrote:
> Hello... 
> 	In the split-second before the reboot, I can see that the pxeboot.0
> process is indeed started-- pxeboot gets out just over 2 lines of text
> before the reboot occurs.   
> 	So it's not a "ready" message.  
> 	The text in question is (without *'s): 
> ****************************************** 
> PXE Loader 1.00 
> Building the boot loader arguments 
> Relocating the loader and the BTX 
> *******************************************
> 	and it's gone.  
> 	BTW, I altered the display colors (yellow on blue) and was able to
> read the split-second message, although I had to re-run a couple of times.
> (nice feature, those colors.) 
> 	I hope that helps... 
> -Chris   

Okay... that's a useful piece of info.


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