[syslinux] interested in others' pre-7 NBP experience

McMahon, Chris CMcMahon at loronix.com
Thu Nov 20 15:10:55 PST 2003

Dirk Haus wrote: 

>What would be the syntax to call other NBPs vom
>pxelinux (and has someone already tried it with 3Com`s
>Boot Image Editor "imgedit" bootstraps)? I haven`t
>found a single word about this feature in the pre-7

	Mr. Haus, I would very much like to know about your experience
invoking another NBP from PXELINUX.  
	I'm trying and failing to invoke the FreeBSD "pxeboot" program from
PXELINUX pre-7.  Here's what we know: 
	Both PXELINUX and pxeboot work properly when invoked from a normal
PXE client using either PXE version 2.0 or version 2.1.  
	But invoking pxeboot.0 from PXELINUX causes a stack dump from
pxeboot, and so far we haven't been able to discover the cause of the stack
	I'm trying to get more information from the pxeboot side, but it
would be very interesting if we could discover the difference between how a
normal PXE client invokes an NBP and how PXELINUX invokes an NBP.   
	Regardless of what happens, I'm very interested in your experience
invoking another NBP from PXELINUX.  	
	And of course if I can help you, feel free to ask...

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