[syslinux] Nic Win98

K W crezzy_man at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 22 07:29:05 PST 2003

Hello, I read your post on zytor.com, and I am not sure if you are still 
looking for a way to boot win98 on a cd with your Nic, but, It is possible, 
I have done it, I am sure you have realized that instructions on how to 
build a floppy booting win98 disk doesnt really benifit anything being that 
the Nic's have no HD, but A combo of a bootable cd, xmsds or ramdisk 
(writeable area) and a couple fake things here and there, and you can get 
windows to boot.., It is a little tricky, and you need to preinstall the 
drivers for the video and so-fourth, but the pages are here on how to do 

here are the specs on the drivers you will need but may have

Booting windows from a cd

Once again, I am not sure if your still working on this or not, but if so, 
maybe this will help.

p.s. When you get windows running, and it detects that there is a registry 
problem.. What I did was replaced the file Scanreg.exe with Smartrdv.exe, 
then disabled scanreg in MSconfig, So windows will not pop a warning upon 
boot, and SmartDrv gives an errorlevel of 255 allowing your machine to boot 
without popping error messages..

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