[syslinux] MEMDISK - floppy=1 Outputs: Disk is hard disk, 1440 K, C/H/S = 80/20/18

Harald_Jensas at Dell.com Harald_Jensas at Dell.com
Fri Sep 2 02:43:18 PDT 2005


I am trying to load an disk image as Floppy=1, og B: using ISOLINUX.

My Config file reads:
 ------- Begining Of File -------
	APPEND raw floppy=1 initrd=CERC6.IMG 
 ------- End Of File ------------

--- MEMDISK Output Snip ------
Ramdisk at 0x03b58000, length 0x00168000
command line: initrd=CERC6.IMG raw floppy=1 BOOT_IMAGE=MEMDISK
Disk is hard disk, 1440 K, C/H/S = 80/20/18
Se atteched picture for more output...

If I change to "APPEND raw floppy initrd=CERC6.IMG" I get "Disk is floppy, 1440 K..."

Am I doing something wrong?
Is this the expected behaviour?
I notice that if I boot MS-DOS from the harddrive after loading the image as "floppy=1" it is available as B:

The reason I need the image to be loaded as B: is that Windows Installer treats B: different from A: making it possible to use SYSLINUX/MEMDISK to load Mass Storage drivers during install.

Harald Jensås

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