[syslinux] Problem with menu.c32

Tom Meierjürgen tomcatmj at web.de
Thu Aug 30 13:59:03 PDT 2007


Am Donnerstag 30 August 2007 schrieb Michael Jarka:
> I'm trying to use menu.c32 to boot different kickstart files.
> The problem I have is regardless of what menu item I select, it always uses
> the client.cfg (default entry) even if I select one of the others.
> Any ideas.
> Thanke,
> Mike Jarka
> default menu.c32
> prompt 0
> timeout 300
> MENU TITLE PXE Boot Menu, Press [esc] for boot prompt
> LABEL Fedora 6 Client
> MENU DEFAULT Fedora 6 Client (default)
> KERNEL fc6/vmlinuz
> APPEND initrd=fc6/initrd.img linux=i686 ramdisk_size=256000
> ks=nfs:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:/kickstart/fc6/client.cfg
> LABEL Fedora 6 Client (Hard Drive < 30 GB)
> MENU LABEL Fedora 6 Client (Hard Drive < 30 GB)
> KERNEL fc6/vmlinuz
> APPEND initrd=fc6/initrd.img linux=i686 ramdisk_size=256000
> ks=nfs:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:/kickstart/fc6/sdclient.cfg

Did you try it without special Characters like the < in the "LABEL" and "MENU 
LABEL"  sections? Looks to me like a Characterchoiceproblem...


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