[syslinux] Boot Scriptor, companion to Isolinux.

Michael K Ter Louw mterlouw at gmx.net
Sat Apr 20 15:40:34 PDT 2002

Hello everyone,

I'd like to introduce a program I've made called Boot Scriptor.  To
quote the website,

"Boot Scriptor is a program that allows a high degree of interactivity
when booting from a CD-ROM drive. It provides a set of commands designed
to enable users to boot a system in a number of ways, as well as provide
interactive menus to choose boot options from.

More specifically, Boot Scriptor is a code module called a Comboot Image
that runs on top of a specialized version of Isolinux. As such it can
act as a front end to Isolinux, and take advantage of all the
capabilities Isolinux has to offer. It also expands on the feature set
of Isolinux to allow more complex boot scenarios, and supports a simple
scripting language which enables the CD designer to implement custom
boot methods. It is based heavily on concepts pioneered by Bart
Lagerweij in his program Diskemu. 

Boot Scriptor is free for non-commercial use."

If you'd like to try this program or learn more about it, I invite you
to visit the website, http://www.bootscriptor.org.  The project is
tracked on Freshmeat.net, so if you'd like to be notified of new
releases as they're made you can subscribe to the project at

Boot Scriptor is still in the beta test phase, mainly because I've only
recently released it to the public.  Once I'm satisfied that enough
people have used the program without problems, I will remove the beta
status.  If anyone has any issue with the software or discovers any
bugs, please let me know.

This program is _not_ made by H. Peter Anvin, so all questions,
concerns, bug reports, etc. should be sent to me and _not_ the Syslinux
mailing list.  HPA was kind to let me announce my program in this forum,
but he is not necessarily familiar with the workings of my program or
the modifications I've made to Isolinux. Questions posted on this
mailing list will likely not be answered.

Thanks everyone for your time.

Michael K Ter Louw
mterlo1 at uic.edu

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