[syslinux] 1.73-pre6 doesn't like kbdmap

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon Apr 29 12:04:11 PDT 2002

Josef Siemes wrote:
> Hi,
> just tried 1.73-pre6 pxelinux:
> - booting linux works
> - memdisk with 1.44M Dos image works
> - the 'kbdmap'-parameter fails:
> [..]
> Unknown keyword in config file.
> Missing parameter in config file.
> boot:
>  - and it doesn't remap any keys.
> I tried 1.66 with the same config file and it works, it accepts 
> 'kbdmap' and also remaps the keys.

Thank you -- this is a discrepancy between the documentation and the
code.  For the old parser it didn't matter (it only looked at the first
two letters), but the others did.

I have released 1.73-pre7 which hopefully should match the documentation
-- it also fixes a few minor Makefile problems.


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