[syslinux] SYSLINUX and local hard disk

Ramen Sen r.sen at sheffield.ac.uk
Thu Aug 15 11:34:04 PDT 2002


First, I'd like to say that this is an extremely useful piece of software - 
thank-you very much!

I am working with couple of schools in my area, and using pxelinux and 
syslinux for various things.

I find the functionality of pxelinux's localboot option to be extremely useful 
- I force pxe boot, and then use pxelinux to let the user choose local boot 
or remote boot.  This is to get round some of the lousier pxe bioses of some 
built-in network cards.

However, I would like to do the same thing with an image built with syslinux - 
i'd like the localboot option there too, as I am booting from an etherboot 
boot image.  (I've got a whole load of PCs that we need to boot, which have 
non-PXE network cards, and we can't afford to replace them with PXE cards, or 
buy PXE roms.  NILO seems to be an option, except I can't figure out how to 
build a PXE rom using it!

I've looked at hacking the local boot stuff from isolinux into syslinux 
(ldlinux.asm?), but my assembly programming is almost non-existent (for the 
PC) and I'm having a lot of trouble.  Can you advise me how I can do this?

thanks very much!

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