[syslinux] displaying images

Roberto De Leo deleo at unica.it
Fri Aug 23 03:23:32 PDT 2002

I am using syslinux to produce autoplaying avi CDs (i.e. the CD contains 
an avi file
and a minimum linux system plus the mplayer so that mplayer plays 
automatically the
movie after the boot using the framebuffer device) to avoid things like 
bringing avis
at friend's homes just to find out that they have only M$WinXX and the 
M$ MediaPlayer
won't play my avi.

Here is my problem: at the boot prompt I'd like to put an image related 
to the avi content
but 16 colors are really too few colors to display almost any image :-( 
while on the other
side 256 would be basically perfect for almost any image.
Is it really impossible to extend the display capacity at boot time to 
256 colors?

If the 16 colors limit is enforced for extending as far as possible 
syslinux compatibility
with any possible hardware, maybe a good solution could be adding in 
configure file
an option for activating 256 colors if you don't care so much about 

 Roberto De Leo

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