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Holz, Bernd bernd.holz at baramundi.de
Tue Aug 27 09:06:29 PDT 2002


I am using PXELinux to boot my workstations in MS-DOS :-) mode (using memdisk) and then I start winnt.exe to install Windows 2000. I was wondering if it is possible to hide some of the extensive information being printed during the initilisation process. I tried to use the graphical splash screen but it only shows up for a very short time. What about implementing some sort of delay in the display format.

Another great feature would be to support supplying the Default kernel options through the extended PXE tags. I wrote my own PXE server which provides the extended tags to the PXE client and I would like to specify the bootfile there.

Moreover I would be happy to see a possibility to pass through custom PXE options. The only difficulty I see is how to get them into the operating system environment. (In my case DOS) Can RAM-Disk images be accessed before they are booted? If yes an init-file could be written to the ram-disk image.

BTW, you've done a great job!


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