[syslinux] How to unload memdisk within DOS?

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Wed Aug 28 23:43:17 PDT 2002

Bernd.von.Osten at bccomponents.com wrote:
> Hi SysLinux,
> i'm using pxelinux.0 and memdisk to successfully boot dos on my PXE capable
> workstation.
> But aber the DOS boot I need to get access to Drive A: again. My DOS
> bootimage is putting all necessary stuff into it's own RAMdisk.
> How can I disable memdisk, so that it releases drive A: (does not
> necessarily free the allocated memory for it's RAMdisk ..)

This is currently not supported.  It wouldn't be too hard to add, 
though, so I might do that.

Note that you can access your floppy drive as B: when MEMDISK is loaded.


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