[syslinux] isolinux bug?

damsnet at free.fr damsnet at free.fr
Thu Aug 29 08:50:02 PDT 2002


very usefull software you did with Syslinux. I want to thank you a lot
for it.

But that is not the only reason I am writing you :)

In fact I got a little problem with isolinux, but I cannot say it
is isolinux's fault. The problem occurs when I try to boot an isolinux
cd with Bochs ( http://bochs.sourceforge.net , the latest version
supports eltorito cd booting). As soon as the kernel is finished 
uncompressing and starts to boot, Bochs displays the following error 
message many times and do not go further:

00106344002i[CPU  ] WARNING: Encountered an unknown instruction (signalling illegal instruction):
00106345248i[CPU  ] BxError: instruction with op1=0x10d
00106345248i[CPU  ] nnn was 0
00106345248i[CPU  ] WARNING: Encountered an unknown instruction (signalling illegal instruction):
00106346494i[CPU  ] BxError: instruction with op1=0x10d
00106346494i[CPU  ] nnn was 0

I think the problem may comes from isolinux since it does not happen with
syslinux only bootable cd. But it may comes from the Bochs bios as well.

Anyway I think you are the most aware of what the nature of the problem
could be, so may be you can even give the Bochs folks an advice on how
to resolve this problem (if it is their BIOS that is faulty).

thanks a lot,


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