[syslinux] SYSLINUX COM32 example in assembly (NASM)

Dmitry Ponyatov (dim@) forth at hippo.ru
Sun Dec 1 03:09:36 PST 2002


Where can I get example in assembly, using COM32 API ?

I'm trying to make simple "Hello World" using COM32, but this code does not
works 8-(

		org 0x101000	; this number I get from comboot.doc

		mov	ecx,msge-msg
		mov	ebx,msg
		mov	ah,0x02
		mov	dl, byte [ebx]
		inc	ebx
		int	0x21
		loop .L

.Z: 	jmp	.Z	; \infty loop		

msg:	db "Hello World !"


What Do I do incorrect ?

PS: I use NASM 0.98

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