[syslinux] pxelinux: invalid or corrupt image

Databyte Databyte at fordrotterdam.nl
Tue Dec 3 05:30:16 PST 2002


I installed PXElinux v2.0 on an NT4 server. As TFTP server I use tftpd32

When I want to load a kernel I compiled myself I get a "Invalid or corrupt
kernel image"
I see that the tftpd server sent a block to the PXE client, but the server
never receives an ACK.
When I try to boot a rescuekernel I found on the internet it loads okay.

What am I doing wrong? Right now I used slackware with a 2.4.18 kernel. I
tried bzImage and zImage. I compiled the kernel with ramdisk en initrd
support. Is there anything else I need to do before I can boot this kernel
using pxelinux?

Any help appreciated.

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