[syslinux] How to create a hard disk image to load with pxelinux

Lazarus Long lazarus.long at bigfoot.com
Tue Dec 3 21:16:06 PST 2002


I'm trying to load a DR-DOS image for a set of thin clients through the
memlinux module of pxelinux.

After some help from the people at the Etherboot list, I was able to
make a DR-DOS 2.88 floppy image and loaded it O.K.

The problem is that the program I need to deploy requires a C: drive, so
I'm trying to create a hard disk image to load.

I couldn't find any help on how to create the image. I tried to dd a
disk where I set up the system but it failed to load.

Can anyone help me with instructions on creating, say a 3 or 4 Mb hard
disk image so I can load a C: disk through pxelinux?

Thank you very much for any help.

Lazarus Long
<lazarus.long at bigfoot.com>
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