[syslinux] a few sys/isolinux questions

Roberto De Leo deleo at unica.it
Fri Dec 20 07:47:18 PST 2002

Hi all,
I am using sys/isolinux for a mini-distro I am developing (movix.sf.net)
and I have a few questions based on the feedback I got from users.

As it is well known, there are some BIOS on which isolinux does not
work, so I had to create a boot floppy image for those unfortunate users
that have that kind of BIOS.
The floppy boots, looks for the CD and, if succesful, mounts the CD 
and links all /usr/bin and /lib files it finds there to /usr/bin and 
/lib so that
at this point the system is more or less equivalent to the one  you would
get booting from CD.

First of all, is there a more elegant way to get the same result?

My main question is the following: a few (windows) users burned an isolinux
image I prepared with isolinux and could not boot the CD, so they tried
to make it bootable with Nero choosing the floppy image as "Nero boot image"
and it worked! How can it be possible that the CD produced with isolinux
does not boot and the one made with Nero/syslinux does with the very same

BTW, is the situation with SCSI better? I mean, do isolinux boot at least
for all [or, say, "almost all"] SCSI BIOS? It would be very nice because 
I could avoid dealing with SCSI modules in the floppy image...

I also noticed a curious behaviour in a PC of a friend of mine: a CD burned
with isolinux 1.73 would show the boot picture of my distro, but the same
distro burned with isolinux 2.00 would show no picture at all :-(
Is there any hope to have this fixed if I provide you the exact model
of his BIOS?

 Roberto De Leo

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