[syslinux] PXELinux 2.00 doesn't timeout on one of my systems

Aaron Burt aaron at osdl.org
Mon Dec 30 16:31:06 PST 2002

We have four NEC 140rb-4 systems (P4-Xeon quad-proc system, identical to
the Intel SRSH4).  They are all running the latest BIOS (v3) and firmware,
which sadly includes Intel PXE 4.0.19 from v1 onwards.

At least two of the systems work just fine, net-booting when there's a
machine-specific config file (e.g. AC140510) or loading  the "default"
file, which is:
  SERIAL 0 38400
  DEFAULT local
  LABEL local
and then timing out and booting from the local HDD.

One of them, however, refuses to timeout, so it stops and sits there
waiting for a keypress every time you reboot it.

It does the same thing with 1.76, and significantly earlier versions
simply crash on all four systems.

Anyone else run into this?

Otherwise, PXELinux has been serving us well for a good while.

Aaron Burt
Open Source Development Lab

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