[syslinux] will syslinux work on a harddisk ?

Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Wed Feb 6 01:39:55 PST 2002


Jim McQuillan <jam at McQuil.com> schrieb am 06.02.02:
> Can someone tell me if syslinux will work on a harddisk ?


> I have a 4mb flash device that plugs into the IDE connector
> on the motherboard, and i'm trying to get syslinux to work
> with it, so I can load a Linux kernel and an initrd.
> I'm not having any luck with it.
> Then it dawned on me that the boot loader in syslinux might
> be expecting a floppy drive rather than an atapi hard disk.

So you have some Compact Flash adaptor, or at least the same
functionality. These behave just like a hard disk. I have some
here, but with >128 MB. Try if you get them to boot, if not I'll
try what I can do about this.

You need:
- a master boot record
- a FAT16 partition
  - activated
  - with a bootsector
  - syslinux installed there

The MBR and boot sector are not automagically installed by syslinux.



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