[syslinux] nilo -> tftp-hpa interaction

Peter Lister P.Lister at sychron.com
Wed Feb 6 04:19:57 PST 2002

> I keep hoping for someone taking the Etherboot or Netboot code base and
> turning it into a freeware PXE stack...

I would love PXE on top of Etherboot so that 'doze (NTLOADER or
whatever) can be PXEd by those who want it, but Linux or other open
source is loaded directly. These would ideally all be dynamically
loadable; PXE can load Etherboot, so why can't Etherboot load NILO?
Conversely, static build is also good; pxelinux could sit directly on
top of Etherboot - no mucking around actually loading it as a PXE NBP.

More generally, there's lots of good code out there, and I'd really like
all those involved in Etherboot, LinuxBIOS, NILO, GRUB, OpenBIOS and so
on to regard themselves as complementary parts of a single greater open
source firmware project so that those of using it can put it together in
interesting ways with (or instead of) the commercial offerings.

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