[syslinux] Etherboot & pxelinux (was: thank you)

Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Wed Feb 6 07:30:25 PST 2002


Peter Lister <P.Lister at sychron.com> schrieb am 06.02.02:
> In way way better and easier? When I have criticised pxelinux I think
> I've always stated *why* etherboot seems better for our environment.
> I'm not trying to be religious, or get anyone to change a working system
> - I'm genuinely interested what differences others perceive.

I've looked into etherboot - my problems were:
- Network card must be supported, and should (must?) be ethernet.
I am booting token-ring clients with pxelinux.
- Configuration directly burned into the rom - no easy way to 'just change' the configuration.
- The etherboot rom is card specific - no 'all purpose'-driver available

These come in part from the purpose it's designed for - it's designed 
as a boot rom, not a bootloader. In some part one could argue about 
doing things different in etherboot. I personally don't like the concept
of putting together one file that contains everything (configuration, 
kernel, initrd etc.pp), but like to have these in separate files as in pxelinux. 

BTW, would it really be possible to have some extension for etherboot
to support PXE booting (e.g. via pxelinux)? So could etherboot create
some PXE stack that other bootloaders would use? Did anybody already
try this?



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