[syslinux] Etherboot & pxelinux (was: thank you)

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Wed Feb 6 16:07:38 PST 2002

Peter Lister wrote:

> DHCP (distinct from ISC dhcpd and its language) is better than tftping a
> text file because the non-trivial config (i18n, conditional behaviour,
> maybe generated from a customer db) is server side; clients see just a
> string of easily parsed data in a well known extensible format with
> vendor hooks - and there is almost certainly a DHCP client in the boot
> rom anyway.
> This means that (a) I don't mind fairly complex DHCP config and (b) I
> know there's a better future.

On PXELINUX, all configuration information is server side in the form of
(optionally!) per-client configuration files.  You don't have to interrupt
a common server (dhcpd) to install a new configuration either.  Obviously,
once you're server side, you can create arbitrary complex configuration.

So what was the point of this again?


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