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Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Thu Feb 7 07:06:53 PST 2002


Kjohn Sasitorn <kjohn at cs.utexas.edu> schrieb am 06.02.02:
> i am attempting to perform remote installs for various computers in my lab. i
> would like to know what are the features / limitations between syslinux 1.63 and
> rh pxe 0.1. do you have any light to shed on this matter? thanks in advance,

I can't say much about the RH pxe thing, AFAIK this is really old.

In short you can boot linux on almost all pxe enabled clients with 
pxelinux (btw: 1.67 is the latest version). The only exception is really
old roms (pre-1998, e.g. the Intel Lanmanager 0.99X series). In the latest
pxelinux version there's also 'memdisk', with this you can even boot
floppy images over the net.

See the website for more information.



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