[syslinux] hpa-tftp with xinetd

Darren Gamble Darren.Gamble at sjrb.ca
Mon Feb 25 07:20:19 PST 2002

Good day,

Thanks for your reply.  I didn't see this option in the documentation, but,
it seems to be behaving as expected now. =)

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Darren Gamble <Darren.Gamble at sjrb.ca> schrieb am 22.02.02:
> Just a quick question- could someone please confirm that this is the
> xinetd configuration (or not) for hpa-tftp?

don't know too much about xinetd, but seems correct.

> We've noticed that, when under moderate load hpa-tftpd resides in memory,
> even after there are no connections or even if xinetd is shut down.  Under
> light load the server goes away after each connection, as desired.

tftp-hpa (in recent versions) uses the short daemon mode. So the server
remains for some minutes (default: 15 minutes) while no
tftp request arrives. Try '-t 30' and the server process will exit
after 30 seconds.

Maybe you also have some hanging tftp connections, and you see some
leftover connections that try to deliver the next packet. These should
quit after the tftp timeout, and usually they'll do. These only
handle this specific transfer, so there won't be any interaction with
different tftp transfers.



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