[syslinux] problems with tftp-hpa timing out.

James S. Martin james.martin at digex.com
Mon Feb 25 09:18:11 PST 2002

> What PXE stack does your clients use (the working ones, and the 
> nonworking ones.)  "TFTP..." sounds like a "0.99" PXE client, several of 
> which had problems with blksize options.  Use the -r blksize option to 
> tftp-hpa to disable the blksize option.
>     -hpa

The funny thing is, there is only one client, and that client only works 
when connecting from network A to network B.  We are booting with Intel 
Boot Agent Version 3.0.05, PXE 2.0 build 083.  I will try the -r 
blksize.  If that does work, it would seem to be something configured on 
the routers/switches that would let the blksize through on one network, 
but not on the other.  I'll keep you posted, thanks.


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