[syslinux] HOWTO make lss

Martin Vogt mvogt at rhrk.uni-kl.de
Sat Jan 12 08:53:25 PST 2002


it took me some time until I found out how to make _working_ .lss
files for syslinux.

So, here is the (rough) howto, maybe you like to include it
in an FAQ.

- Use a paint tool "gimp" (if you know how to handle it)
  to create the boot logo, keep in mind that it
  will have (at the end) only 16 color.
- make sure it has 640 width.
- save it as gif

<black magic>

- use the tool :

  mogrify -colors 16 boot1.gif

- Then check with giftrans the colorpalette:

  giftrans -l boot2.gif

Pick a white entry and swap it with the palette entry 7.
because 7 will be used as the text color.

eg: giftrans -g 11=7

</black magic>

Then use giftoppm and make a ppm file, now you can use
the ppmtolss conversion program in syslinux.

happy booting,


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