[syslinux] memdisk and floppy controllers

Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Mon Jan 14 06:04:22 PST 2002


just tried memdisk - it works, even with token-ring network cards!

I've some problems with dos 6.22 on one machine, though. This one
doesn't have a floppy controller (e.g. linux reports that it didn't
find any controller). The Dos 6.22 boot disk is loaded, then the boot
sector is started and tells me that it can't load the system
(German message: 'Kein System oder Laufwerksfehler', don't know
the english one from the boot sector).

On a different system (this one has a floppy controller!) it works.

With a different bootdisk (Win98) both work, too.

Both systems tell me: 
INT 13 08 failure
old: int13 = nnnn int15 = mmmm 
new: int13 = oooo int15 = pppp
[further messages from boot sector and dos]

Maybe it's also a bios issue, since the controllerless machine is only
used for Netbsd (Network Station Manager), Linux and OS/2 (Workspace 
on Demand), it's an IBM Networkstation 2800 with token-ring on board. 

Any further ideas? Do Win98 and Dos 6.22 do anything different in the 
dos area?



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