[syslinux] few question

pierre-yves.verdon pierre-yves.verdon at wanadooportails.com
Mon Jan 14 09:38:21 PST 2002

i'm wondering aboot the option "vendor-class identifier" what means 
these two number? i have actually us it in my dhcpd.conf, and all is 
working, but i don't know what it mean....
if substring (option vendor-class-identifier, 0, 3) = "PXE"

i have the same question for the "option vendor-encapsulated-options" ?

this is just because, i just read a ltsp pxe howto and that both of 
these option have different parameter

for example:
option vendor-encapsulated-options 3c:09:45:74:68:65:72:62:6f:6f:74:ff;

and I use:
option vendor-encapsulated-options 

i suppose the vendor-encapsulated-options identify the network device, 
am i right?



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