[syslinux] ipappend in pxelinux

Joe Patterson jpatterson at asgardgroup.com
Tue Jan 15 17:13:38 PST 2002

I've just gotten pxelinux working (very cool) to boot a Dell PowerEdge.

Everything is great, except for one bit.  I turned on the IPAPPEND option,
and when the machine boots (configured for nfs-root, IP kernel-level
autoconf with no options) it says:  "ip-config: incomplete network
configuration information".

According to the syslinux.doc file, the ipappend option appends a line to
the kernel command line similar to:


According to /usr/src/linux/Documentation/nfsroot.txt, the option should
look like:


(this is for linux 2.4.13)

If I manually add the above to an APPEND line, it boots like a champ.  But
I'd like to have it work automagically.

Is this due to a change in how the linux kernel ip autoconf works, or am I
completely missing something?  Is there an easy way to change that to be
more like:


or even




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