[syslinux] (no subject)

Bruce M Beach brucemartinbeach at 21cn.com
Sun Jan 27 11:21:03 PST 2002

     Hello All;

      I have a linux system on a CD that I use to teach
      a graduate course on Unix. I use isolinux to boot
      the kernel then simply mount the CD ro and set
      up some symbolic links pointing to /tmpfs for the stuff 
      that needs be writable. (mainly /var and /tmp). Something like
      gcc is a little bit slow the first time you use it but
      then it gets cached and after that it is all right.
      Isolinux works just fine. No problems. What I would like
      to do is somehow automatically determine what drive the cd 
      is on so I can mount it with out a command line prompt.
      This would be quite useful since I would like the students
      to be able walk up to any WindToad(TM) system in the University, 
      and boot Linux. The problem is that it is not known before
      hand which IDE channel the CD is residing on.

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