[syslinux] New user problem

Gerry Escobar gescobar at netzero.net
Thu Jul 4 13:17:32 PDT 2002


I'm a new user of Linux trying to use the SYSLINUX boot loader to create a
Linux system. I'm doing it on a PC with WIN98 installed, and I prefer using
a dual boot system.
I got through as far as creating a semi-bootable floppy.  The problem I'm
getting states "could not find kernel image: Linux."  However, I do get the
"boot:" prompt as well (I just don't know what command to type from there).
What type of file is the kernel image?  Is it any file with an .img
extension?  What are some basic files I would need?
I believe if you can walk me through this process, you can very much write a
book on it.  I appreciate very much any help you might be able to give.

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