[syslinux] syslinux/memlinux to boot FreeBSD boot.flp?

Mathias Koerber mathias at koerber.org
Sun Jul 7 00:22:16 PDT 2002

Hi all,

I am trying to boot a FreeBSD installation on a system which
	a) has no FD nor CD
	b) only a HD and a DiskOnChip (www.msys.com)

The current boot environment uses a modified Syslinux (1.62) that knows
a magic ´swap´ kernel which will boot off the HD as the DOC
steals the HD´s device# (or so I am told). This allows the
syslinux on the DOC to offer special boot options before
falling back to a normal HD disk boot.

boot.flp is a 2.88MB boot floppy image directly from FreeBSD´s floppies

I have tried
	a) directly booting the floppyimage by renaming it boot.cbt

	label fbsd
	kernel boot.cbt

		I get a message that the image is of the wrong size

	b) using memdisk (from syslinux 1.75)

	label fbsd
	kernel memdisk
	append image=boot.flp

		It tells me that the image/kernel is invalid

Can Syslinux boot arbitrary floppy images, and if so how?

The DiskOnChip currently is seen under Linux as /dev/msys/fla1
I could partition it so that a second partion /dev/msys/fla2
is available, onto which I could copy boot.flp. Would I
be able to configure something like lilo´s ´other = ´ to
then boot that image?

Does anyone have any other idea how I could get FreeBSD onto this


Mathias Koerber
mathias at koerber.org

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