[syslinux] isolinux bug?

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Tue Jul 9 23:28:18 PDT 2002

Izzy Blacklock wrote:
> It looks like the dash isn't a valid character even when using the -l option.  
> I'm guessing using -l causes the creation of a level 3 iso9660 filesystem.  
> What would be involved in adding Rock Ridge support to isolinux?  These file 
> naming restrictions are likely to cause a lot of problems for people.  At the 
> very least, adding a note about the restrictions to your docs seems like a 
> good idea!  It'd probably have saved me from making a fool of myself! :)

Adding RockRidge would be *lots* of work, although it's probably not 

The docs do say:

Note that ISOLINUX only uses the "plain" ISO 9660 filenames, i.e. it 
does not support Rock Ridge or Joliet filenames. It can still be used on 
a disk which uses Rock Ridge and/or Joliet extensions, of course. Under 
Linux, you can verify the plain filenames by mounting with the "-o 
norock,nojoliet" option to the mount command. Note, however, that 
ISOLINUX does support "long" (level 2) ISO 9660 plain filenames, so if 
compatibility with short-names-only operating systems like MS-DOS is not 
an issue, you can use the "-l" or "-iso-level 2" option to mkisofs to 
generate long (up to 31 characters) plain filenames.


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