[syslinux] PXE UNDI Options in PXELINUX

christian Marg christian.marg at tu-clausthal.de
Thu Jul 11 11:02:51 PDT 2002


Peter Lister schrieb:

> Reliable and fixable open source PXE firmware would be very useful.

Yes, indeed.
The Point I got was loading a Harddiskimage with Memdisk and injecting some
files after booting from it. But the source for the files is the bootserver.
Injection to the image before loading is not quite an option. So, I thought
about using the existing PXE/UNDI-Stack via DOS packetdriver to get the
files off the Server via SCP (I need this security for this file). But:
There doesn't seem to exist a Packetdriver that can use UNDI to access the
Today my project leader has told me that DOS networking is deprecated for
our Project.  I think I'll have to figure out my task somehow else.

> > Christian (thinking about writing own PXE/UNDI Packetdriver)
> Don't think about writing a driver! There are several families of
> drivers in existance. Etherboot has its own driver library (now also
> used by GRUB); there are also DOS drivers (e.g. Crynwr drivers) used by
> netboot and OSkit.

I think you got me wrong. What you say is the opposite direction of what I
wanted to do: Loading a Packet driver that uses the UNDI that was left
resistent after having booted the Dos image via memdisk.

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