[syslinux] Question on "root pivot" function

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Wed Jul 17 17:41:21 PDT 2002

Dave Reimer writes:

> Seth,
>  Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry to bother with this, but what is
> the "root pivot" function and
>  where can I find doc's on it.
>  From what I understand from your email the system would basically boot
> twice. Once from a stripped
>  kernel on the floppy disk to mount the CD, and then after the CD is
> mounted it would reboot with the
>  kernel and initial randisk found on the CD. Am I correct in this, or
> have I left the trail.

That is not quite right.  There can be two boot processes (linuxrc and
init), but they both run under the same kernel.  We are currently
trying to get this working in our own project.

The basic documentation is in Documentation/initrd.txt in your kernel
source tree.

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