[syslinux] mbr to flash

Rene Reichert Rene.Reichert at control.de
Fri Jul 19 00:18:05 PDT 2002

Dear Mr Anvin,

we use SYSLINUX for our industrial embedded devices and it works very good. 
You can see them at www.control.de (EDSP and TRZB) if you want.

Questions 1:
I didnt find out how to put the DOS mbr, delivered with SYSLINUX, to my 
bootdevice. What is the right command?

Question 2:
When I want to use PXELINUX with a BIOS that does not support Network boot via 
PXE is it possible to write a PXE boot stack to a floppy (or flashdisk) to 
use it? OK, Etherboot does work but PXELINUX is more elegant ;-).

Thank you in advance 

Rene Reichert
+49 - 261 - 92748 - 231
Rene.Reichert at control.de

Information Technology GmbH
In den Wiesen 38
D-56070 Koblenz

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