[syslinux] memdisk question

Eric P. McCoy ctr2sprt at cox.net
Wed Jul 24 20:36:39 PDT 2002

"Eugene Pressley" <EPressley at abtech.edu> writes:

> When I use memdisk to boot a Windows ME or Windows XP Boot Floppy Image
> the system locks up, see attached jpg of VMWARE system.  This happens in
> both VMWARE and on a real PC.  If I use memdisk to boot a FREEDOS Boot
> Disk Image everything works great.

I very much don't need the enormous email.  If you want to take a
screenshot or whatever, please post it to some web space and email the
link instead.  Remember, every email you send goes to every member of
the list, and it's just rude to be sending out 1200+-line emails to so
many people who probably aren't going to be interested or able to
help.  And some of us have to pay for bandwidth; even more of us have
to endure annoyingly small mail server disk quotas.


Eric McCoy (reverse "ten.xoc at mpe", mail to "ctr2sprt" is filtered)

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