[syslinux] Thanks!

BBL blue bblnews at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 25 10:04:49 PDT 2002

I'd like to thank as an end-user all the people who have contributed to such 
a great program as ISOLINUX is.

For the FreeDOS operating system (MS-DOS open source clone , freedos.org) 
we've been putting togehter a 55MB distribution on cdrom, and your ISOLINUX 
project proves it's very easy to add it to existing cdrom's to make them 

Thanks to both your effors and those of the FreeDOS people the smallest 
multiboot cdrom is now 1.71MB big 

This way, the 1.71MB + 50MB FreeDOS distro can be added to computer 
magazine's cdrom's as a promotion means.

Also, this small bootcdrom allows for easy bios flashing
(can't do that in Linux AFAIK).

In short: no more "I have win2000/linux/whatever on my pc, how do I get into 
DOS without floppydrive to flash my bios?"

Thank you very much, and keep working on such a great project!

Bernd Blaauw
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