[syslinux] Isolinux doesn't boot

simon.rutishauser at gmx.ch simon.rutishauser at gmx.ch
Sat Jul 27 01:23:59 PDT 2002


i've been trying around for a month or so to get isolinux on my toshiba
satellite 4010cdt running. It doesn't really work.

The debug version says the following:

ISOLINUX 1.75 2002-06-14 ...
isolinux: Startinug up, DL = 82
isolinux: Loaded spec packed OK, drive = 82

and that's it. No boot there.
If I chain-load (or however that's called) my Isolinux - CDs with "Smart
Boot" then it works. But I think that using a floppy to load a bootcd which is
(in my case) there to replace my boot floppy collection isn't really nice.

Is there a workaround? (I tried also the i-loader from bootscriptor and
loading the isolinux.bin with bart's diskemu, none of them worked)

MFG Peschmä

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