[syslinux] Question Regarding MEMDISK from HP

HU,DAVID (HP-Cupertino,ex3) david_hu at hp.com
Tue Mar 5 15:55:45 PST 2002

Dear Mr. H. Peter Anvin,

I am trying to figure out the physical address of where the PXE DOS image
(downloaded in PXE) is stored by MEMDISK in the Extended Memeory.  Is it at
E98000h as specified in the PXE spec or the address to is random.  What I am
trying to figure out is a safe range of extended memory segment (100000h to
E98000h), where HP tools can safely allocate extended memory in DOS without
corrupting the ramdisk loaded in PXE.  Thanks for your time, and I am
looking forward to hearing from you.


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