[syslinux] isolinux failing to boot on SCSI system

Ruud ruud2 at xs4all.nl
Sat Mar 9 04:55:52 PST 2002

H. Peter,

I came across the first system where isolinux failed to load:

Isolinux 1.63 2001-8-6 Copyright ...

isolinux:       Starting up, DL = F0
isolinux:       Loaded spec packet OK, drive = F0
isolinux:       Sector size appears to be 0800
isolinux:       Loading main image from LBA, 0003F25D
isolinux:       Sectors to load = 0004
isolinux:       Disk error 00, drive F0

Boot failed: press a key to retry

-It's a pentium II system with NO IDE devices, 2 disk and a CD-R are
 attached to an LSIlogic (aka symbios, aka ncr) 53c875 controller.

-The MoBo is a VT4x6 Abit with Award 6.00 BIOS, the SCSI controller
 (which is doing the booting) has the latest LSIlogic bios 4.19.

-The controller reports a no-emulation bootable cdrom and
 attempts to boot the cdrom with above result from isolinux.

-Another CD-rom with 1.44Mb floppy disk emulation boots just fine on
 this system.

-the isolinux cd-rom boots fine on various other platforms (including IDE
 CDROMs, SCSI systems using adaptec 2940 controller, inside VMWARE, etc..)

-Since the CDROM doesn't read CD-R/W every new debug attempt requires a
 CD-R which are piling up here :-( so I didn't try the newer syslinux-1.67
 but according the changelog there doesn't appear to be any related bugfix.

Any ideas ?

        Ruud Linders

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