[syslinux] "reading beyond end of file"

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sun Mar 10 17:30:08 PST 2002

Björn Brings wrote:

> Dear Peter,
> i'm a new user of your syslinux program. Functions work fine, but every time
> when loading the kernel a "reading beyond end of file" dos fat error
> occures. This error occures with Pauls Boot CD (pbcd) basing on syslinux,
> too. What shall I do? Using the debuging Version doesn't help an doesn't
> tell anythig. Because of the following Kernel Panic because of finding no
> root (Please give an init=, or so) fs I can't tell you what happens before.
> My Machine:
> Athlon700, Gigabyte GA 7IX, 256MB Ram
> I'm Using Kernel Version 2.5.3.

This is a new one for me.  Are you sure your initrd fits on the disk?


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