[syslinux] ltsp kernel crash

Jim Wright jwright at penguincomputing.com
Tue Mar 12 09:03:28 PST 2002

The kernel the ltsp folks give you has been processed by "mknbi", or make
netboot image.  This will not work with pxelinux, or other pxe servers.
I was unable to find an unadulterated kernel from ltsp.  You'll just
have to compile your own kernel.


On Tue, 12 Mar 2002, Jan-Frederik wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been using pxe-enabled nic's with an lzpxe-etherboot image generated
> by rom-o-matic.net  to boot a ltsp.org kernel, with dhcp 3 to use if statements to determine which filename
> option he gives to the pxe/etherboot dhcp client.Explained at
> http://www.ltsp.org/documentation/pxe.howto.html
> This works perfectly, except for the fact that you can't use 1 etherboot pxe image for different
> types of nic's.
> When I replace etherboot with pxelinux, and try to boot the
> ltsp.org kernel, it crashes after the 'loading linux.........' output
> (weird colorful blinking characters all over the screen). A default linux
> kernel _does_ boot (until it stops cause it can't mount the nfs
> root-filesystem)
> I'd like to use the default ltsp.org kernel, instead of compiling my own.
> I use the latest default ltsp kernel, dhcp 3.0.0 and hpa-tftpd.
> Has anyone encountered this problem too?
> Jan-Frederik Martens

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