[syslinux] RIS and PXELINUX

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Fri Mar 15 11:45:38 PST 2002

Mark Dieterich wrote:

> The RIS server does not actually run DHCP.  All of our windows clients
> actually obtain their addresses from the linux DHCP server.  I have to admit,
> I don't know where the magic is that let's RIS work at all!  As you suggested,
> I suspect the RIS server is answering the followup request to port 4011.
> I would have thought that the DHCP server option, next-server, would have
> overridden this default for the linux boxes we are trying to use PXE with.

I wish it worked that way.  It doesn't :-/

I would like to suggest doing the following: put a blank system on a
shared hub with another system running tcpdump to snoop packets, and see
what the packets going back and forth looks like.  This should help
figuring out just how RIS is taking over your machines.

>>A good question is perhaps: what do you expect to be keeping them apart? 
> I'm hoping we can keep them separate through the DHCP conf file.  All of our
> hosts are statically assigned in the DHCP tables and I was hoping to use
> the group options to apply different parameters to the different groups of
> host; perhaps this isn't possible?

That should work, *assuming* we can figure out how to keep RIS from taking
over the universe.  Worst case you might have to firewall off UDP ports 67
and 4011 on your RIS server from talking to hosts it shouldn't be talking to!


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