[syslinux] ltsp kernel crash

Diego Torres Milano diego at in3.com.ar
Fri Mar 15 18:53:03 PST 2002

Maybe taking a look at http://pxes.sourceforge.net would help you.
This is a different approach than LSTP but running pxesconfig a GUI that
will help you to create you initial ramdisk and all the stuff needed to
boot from  the network.
Download pxes-0.3Beta3.tgz.

> I see, that's too bad... But in the meantime i found the solution:
> 1) compiled my own kernel, selected the options as explained in http://www.kulnet.kuleuven.ac.be/LDP/HOWTO/Thinclient-HOWTO-3.html#ss3.4
> I skipped the rdev step, because the options were appended on boot.
> 2) in the pxelinux config: append init=/sbin/init root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=mynfsserver:/path _to_filesystem ip=::::::dhcp
> 3) i copied the /dev filesystem from an operational linux machine to the dev directory of the root filesystem that i wanted to use on the terminals (perhaps this can be avoided in the future by using devfs?). I forgot to do this one time and it halted with a 'Warning: unable to open initial console' error.
> Now everything works as it should be... thanks for the help
> Jan-Frederik Martens
> > The kernel the ltsp folks give you has been processed by "mknbi", or
> > make
> > netboot image.  This will not work with pxelinux, or other pxe
> > servers.
> > I was unable to find an unadulterated kernel from ltsp.  You'll just
> > have to compile your own kernel.
> >
> > Jim

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