[syslinux] isolinux

Mr Simon Harrison si1356 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Mar 27 13:33:51 PST 2002

Sorry to bother you about this but after trashing 
8 CD-Rs I'm out if ideas :-).

I've not been able to get this working with anything
other than the standard Slackware kernels....

I made a copy of the Slackware 'live' reference 
filesystem CD (8.0), added my own 2.2.16 kernel with 
crypto, then wrote the CD, as per the instructions.

I've checked and double checked all the options, 
ramdisk support, iso filesystems, even used the 
kernel config files from the slackware CD.  The 
thing always  comes up with the error 'unable to mount
root fs 01:00' etc...  It seems to load the ramdisk

Do I need to rdev the kernel if using isolinux?  i 
thought that's not necessary.  Do I need to specify
the right ramdisk size?  Is there something
that prevents use of a ram disk in a crypto-anabled 
kernel?  Does 2.2.16 not work with isolinux for some
reason (it's the last 2.2.X kernel to have proper 
crypto support).

Any help would really be appreciated (even if this
strictly an isolinux problem.  The same kernel boots 
fine from Lilo off the hard-disk.


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