[syslinux] isolinux 1.67

Lagerweij B b.lagerweij at cts-bv.nl
Thu Mar 28 04:12:27 PST 2002


I've made some (small) changes to your isolinux 1.67 to support loading of
.bin files. For example to load NT cdrom bootsectors, or other raw
loaders... Size is fixed to 1 sector (2KB). Extension must be ".bin".
Loading address is fixed to (default) 0x0:0x7c00. All my changes are marked
between tags: <bart>...</bart>

Just thought I'd send it to you do with it what you think best.

Really like your "memdisk".

Best regards,

Bart Lagerweij - http://www.nu2.nu
To contact me go here: http://www.nu2.nu/contact/bart

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